Thursday, May 17, 2007

2006-09-06 | XL | London

Questions translated from Japanese:
Thom Yorke Japanese Interview
2:06 I was quite impressed by the artwork of the album.
City of London is being flooded...St.Paul's Chapel, Millenium Dome
are all being washed away..
2:39 So you actually suffered disaster from flood?
3:10 What does the title "Eraser" signify?
3:47 So, in order for you to live your life, you had to
erase a lot of things?
4:36 Thom Yorke's songs are oftenly filled with messages.
He explains this song as follows, which he sings that the time is running out.
5:30 Yorke has the stong policy about what he can and cannot accept.
He's especially critical about US and UK's Iraq policy, which went into war without finding weapons of mass destruction.
5:51 He condemned President Bush in Radiohead concert which his daughter was attending.
5:57 He was invited by PM Blair to a luncheon party but refused after Yorke was
threatened by PM's aide.
6:05 "On the day of this interview was held, PM Blair declared that he will resign in a year."
7:01 Why are President Bush and Tony Blair so "dangerous"?
In what way?
7:27 Is awareness a motivation in writing songs?
8:17 I felt that a sense of common concern among all of us living today are reflected in your lyrics.
8:37 You have two children. How do you think the world should be in the future?
9:24 Very intelligent and cerebral person...I was impressed by how
he is raising awareness about social issues as ordinary people, not a rock star.
9:44 I didn't know about him but as I listen to his record, I was impressed by
how he showcases himself and that it's not only about strong social message.

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